Renovation Contractors

At Our Space Design, we are your one-stop renovation contractors for your residential or commercial space. Working with us, we are focus on achieving your renovation goals and making your ideal dream home or office space a reality.

With our in-house carpentry workshop located locally in Woodlands, quality of our craftsmanship and the delivery of our products will definitely meet your satisfaction.

Bespoke Carpenters

We have over the years, specialized and excelled at projects ranging from sizable commercial spaces to small residential apartments. Majoring in carpentry works, we have built high quality bespoke carpentry works of all shapes and sizes.

As our clients, if you can dream it, we can make it.

With our team of highly-skilled carpenters and machinery, not only can you be assured that our end-products are of great aesthetic beauty but the quality and material used will ensure that it endures the test of time.

About Us

Our Space Design is a Full Service Interior Design & Renovations company specializing in both residential and commercial design. In over 10 years, We have been behind the scenes in Designing & Completing High Quality projects for commercial spaces as well as residential housing

Interior Design with High Standards

Because we are a small design firm, we are extremely flexible and nimble. We have our own in house-carpentry workshop in Woodlands and long termed relationships with many local craftsmen and subcontractors whom we work with as a team on a regular basis so you can be assured that your project is completed with the highest standards.

Our Commitment

We are 100% committed to delivering inspired designs that fulfill client expectations through collaboration and Exceptional Service! Many of our clients asked us to work on several projects as once they hire us, they seem to want to do it again with Our Space Design!

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